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We connect brands and agencies with under-the-radar, but battle-tested experts, marketing technology and services

Online Video Distribution

Helping more than 200 agencies, global brands and content owners reach, build and engage their target audiences with online video.

Paid Media Solutions:

  • YouTube contextual content targeting
  • Facebook video advertising
  • Programatic video distribution via video-in-Display and traditional pre-roll

Organic Promotion

  • Editorial / Influencers

Here are some examples of successful YouTube video campaigns

“Viral” / Social Video Production & Marketing

Specializing in creating and promoting amazing shareable content on YouTube, we have generated over 500 million organic YouTube views…Over 20 of these have made it to the front page of YouTube and over 60 of them have more than 1 million views.

Here are a few examples

YouTube Influencer Campaigns

We work with YouTube influencers, large and small, to create and/or distribute branded content.

YouTube Channel Management

Full service YouTube Channel Management, empowering leading brands and content owners to build an owned audience on YouTube.

Data Driven Online Advertising

Our partner delivers hyper-targeted, online campaigns based on very specific audiences as opposed to specific sites.  Having run more political online ads (over 500 campaigns) in 2012 than any other company (besides Facebook and Google), we have extended our targeting and regulatory expertise to other industries, particularly health care (pharma, insurance, clinical trials, etc.). We combine multiple sources of offline and online data to provide extraordinary audience targeting precision to unique populations online.

Ambassador Programs

A turnkey marketing platform that allows brands, content creators and MCNs (multi-channel networks) to quickly launch ambassador programs that combine the best elements of loyalty, affiliates and gamification. Brand ambassadors are recruited into a game environment that rewards them for sharing content with their friends, getting their friends to take actions and taking actions themselves. Because it is a friend-to-friend platform, it can generate scalable and qualified exposure, traffic and action.  The platform requires no coding, can be ROI/performance driven (e.g., sales, foot traffic) and provides incredibly deep customer data on all ambassadors.

Social Media Strategy & Execution

We develop and execute social media strategies for companies and brands across multiple industries, from Fortune 500 B2B and large consumer brands, to sports teams and leagues, athletes, celebrities and entertainment brands.

Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth marketing with the scale, ease and predictability of a digital ad buy. We drive brand awareness and audience engagement by focusing on authentic influencer endorsement which enables brand messaging to be delivered with contextual & cultural relevancy as editorial on blogs and sites. Our comprehensive database of over 12.5 million influencers, journalists and bloggers and their technology allows us to connect branded content to the right influential storytellers on a massive scale across many relevant niche topics simultaneously; providing the critical mass necessary to push the content to go viral among the targeted audience.

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