Guaranteed Targeted YouTube Views:

The Problem:

Many brands are creating video content, but cutting through the clutter is a huge challenge as there is over 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! Although all content creators want videos to “go viral,” hope is not a good strategy.

The Solution:

We provide a holistic social video solution to help advertisers and content owners unlock YouTube. Our YouTube marketing platform provides:

(a) Guaranteed targeted YouTube viewers to build your audience.

(b) Brand safety and efficiency for advertising ON YouTube with TrueView.

(c) YouTube Channel Management.

We work with global brands and agencies worldwide, such as: OMD, MediaCom, ZenithOptimedia, Nestle, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Expedia, Virgin Mobile, Applegate Farms, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures, CW TV and many more.


Find Your Strength
Currently at 1.82 Million views
Currently at 2.58 Million views
- This video was #1 in TED’s Ads Worth Spreading 2013 list

Holland: The Original Cool
Currently at 975k views
Hispanic female targeting
Nestle El Mejor Nido – Learning to Share
Nestle El Mejor Nido – Leading a Healthier Life
- Combined, the two videos are currently at 1.57 Million views
- 195,000 Clicks from videos to Website

Welcome to the Don’t Hurry
Currently at 6.1 Million views