The Agency of the Future

Here’s Joseph Jaffe’s description of ‘The Agency of the Future.” Not much color commentary I need to add, except what my buddy who shared it with me said, “And all the current agencies will just become “productionators.”

The Agency of the Future

I believe a new breed of “agency” will emerge and take over from where the stumbling Goliaths of Madison Avenue stuttered, stammered and stumbled. The Agency of the Future will have become known for one of/or two core competencies: Generation (ideas) and Integration (execution).

The Agency of the Future will take over the mantle of Brand Guardian – responsible for the process of generating ideas, solutions and paths to consumers’ hearts and minds. These “Generators” will not have to be preoccupied with how the idea works in a 30-second versus a 15-second spot, a spread versus a page, or even a banner versus an intromerical.

They will not be tied to any one form of media; nor will they be compensated based on the amount of money ultimately invested. Their success will not be judged on a creative reel or at Cannes, but rather in terms of the ability to translate their ideas into communications and programs that build the business and the brand.

The “Integrators” on the other hand, will be facilitators – responsible for democratizing the process of coming up with breakthrough brainstorms.

The Integrators will also be those responsible for democratizing marketing communication, by making the kinds of decisions advertising agencies just aren’t able to recommend. Is advertising even the answer? Should the budget be spent on training in-store salespeople to become more customer-focused, or on award-winning creative?

The Agency of the Future will live up to its billing as true Cross-Channel Planner, by maintaining constant focus on consumers and what it takes to connect with them in this traffic jam of brand clutter.

Joseph Jaffe

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