Social Video Is Unstoppable

Social video is video worth sharing.

Christopher Lockwood writes a short, but compelling piece, on how video is THE compelling medium. “…video is entertainment AND news AND education AND, AND.

In 2013, social video has become the most powerful way to develop conversations throughout a brand’s digital ecosystem (across owned channels, social platforms and through satellite community and paid environments). We know that YouTube is now the planet’s second largest search engine and that video appears higher up in search results than other type of content. It’s the most shared asset on the Internet because of its ability to trigger an emotive physiological response.

A reduction in relative cost of production technology; the ubiquity of cameras; an increase in bandwidth and access; the proliferation of smartphones; more and easier-to-use self-publishing tools and social platforms – these have all fueled a perfect storm that has ignited the reincarnation of video…”

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