YouTube Video Views & YouTube Channel Management

“We have 4 webs forming before our very eyes: the internet, facebook, YouTube and apps. Figuring out YouTube is going to be a very big source of stress and anxiety for brands this year.”

Channel Factory is a holistic social video solution that helps brands unlock YouTube with a suite of media and audience development technologies including:

(a) View IQ: maximizing earned media by engaging viewers from targeted audiences across its diverse network of mobile, social game, desktop, social influencer, and editorial publishers

(b) Stats IQ: providing Heavy Data, Analytics and Results Forecasting

(c) Channel IQ: Building and managing YouTube Channels.

The web and social media and now YouTube…It’s all a big interlocking media puzzle. The increasing importance of social video for brands is undeniable and YouTube is the most important place to focus. Not surprisingly, it’s a bit like the wild west out there. Brands know they need to have a presence on the second largest search engine in the world (first for those under 18), but not only is it unfamiliar territory, there are real risks and plenty of shady practices. Working with vendors that utilize bots and click farms can get you brand’s channel shut down. Finding a safe and reputable partner is key.

Channel Factory is trusted by global brands, agencies, entertainment studios and networks as their ‘go-to agency’ for YouTube safe video promotion and channel management. Channel Factory’s process is straightforward and consistently successful. They engage targeted audiences with guaranteed results and are extremely effective at making videos “go viral” by maximizing the ratio of earned / free views to paid / guaranteed views.

Channel Factory works with large and small brands, including nearly 150 Fortune 500 brands and 85 agencies worldwide, e.g., OMD, MediaCom, ZenithOptimedia, and Nestle. Founded in 2010, Channel Factory is based in Los Angeles with offices in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago and London.

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