Social Video and Social Media

When brands ask about what kind of video or content they ‘should’ create to achieve the holy land of ‘going viral,’ I often suggest that they use their own experience to guide their thinking. “What do you share?” “What do people share with you?” Whether it’s links to a site, an article, or video, the content needs to be….”SHARABLE”…! In other words, funny, meaningful, informative, emotionally moving, etc. And, it doesn’t really matter how long it is if it’s good. Although some friends share more than others, people share what they love, or at least really like.

This post by Brafton, “The Three Biggest Reasons to Use Video for Social Media,” provides some great overview info, as well as some eye-opening stats, about the importance of social video. Brafton says, “As marketers develop initiatives for 2013, video shared with social users should be a priority.” I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s a few stats:

  • By 2016, web video is expected to make up over 55 percent of traffic.
  • Video is pervasive – the average viewer watched 1,182 minutes of video in the month of November, 2012.
  • 84 percent of viewers report that they watch online videos vs eighty-three percent who say they watch content on TV.

Too often, brands are thinking about how to be successful with social media without thinking enough about what kind of content they can provide for the customers to both engage with and share. If content is king, video is queen!

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