Questions to Ask a Brand When Building a Social Media Strategy

I recently sat down with a small company who wanted to build a solid foundation for their social media activities. As a way to get started, I asked them a bunch of questions to get started. These had little to do with tactics.

About Them:
What are you talking about when not talking about yourself? What conversation are you inspiring and in what conversations are you participating?

About You:
What do you stand for? What’s your story? How are you telling your story?

In what ways are you interacting with influential individuals and communities?

What are your social objects, i.e., what are you hoping people will talk about/share in relation to FF?  How easy is it for people to share these social objects?

How are you thinking holistically about social media? About how it integrates with branding, SEO, messaging and other promo?

How are you creating content, engaging, researching, experimenting with different platforms/tools/technologies?

How are you analyzing and adjusting?

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