Bacardi takes online social to real world social

Bacardi recently hosted events in NY and Vegas where they created experiences based on the online preferences of their fans.

All aspects of the events, ‘Like It Live, Like It Together,’  were decided entirely by the brand’s online Facebook following. The fans voted with Facebook ‘likes’ for their favorite cocktails, music acts, foods, leisure activities and forms of entertainment. For example, a blog entry about the event notes how the Bacardi Facebook tab asked its users whether they preferred old school or newer video games. As old school video games received the most ‘likes’, the brand unveiled a large arcade with retro games such as Pac-Man at the following event. Tickets for the parties could be won through a competition, whereby entrants were required to write on the Bacardi Facebook tab about the three best experiences they have ever had with friends.

Bacardi’s approach is a great example of rewarding a pre-existing loyal fanbase.

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