TV Producer Norman Powell – a damn fine man – case study in online reputation management

TV Producer Norman Powell is my uncle. He’s about as solid a guy as I’ve ever met; old school Hollywood, 75 years old and in better shape than me or any of my friends. My auntie Ellen and he helped out “a guy” who was broke and desperate and needed help. Unfortunately, karma is playing some funny and unexpected games. In the last week, the disgruntled guy has filed three different and unrelated lawsuits, including one with Starbucks for age discrimination. As you can imagine, one of the three lawsuits targets Ellen and Norman.

But none of these details matter. The point of this post is about the power of Google to affect your online reputation. This “guy” has flamed Norman and Ellen online, writing a blog post telling the world about how Norman and Ellen have cheated him and stolen from him. He’s Tweeted about it and as of the writing of this post, his defamatory content claims four out of the five top spots in Google Search. Regardless of the facts, anyone searching for Norman Powell TV Producer will see these headlines and seeds of doubt about Norman’s character will have been planted. His reputation, impeccable over decades in a tough industry, has been jeopardized.

Ellen asked me if Google would remove the posts. Alas, if it were so easy…I did explain, however, that you can fight this in the digital arena by creating content that buries the crap. So, this is my contribution to Norman and “Ellen Levine TV Producer” reclaiming their first page of Google’s search results.

I’ll be asking some people to re-post this (i.e., either write a similar blog post which includes the headline “TV Producer Norman Powell” or just copy and paste this one) and Tweet it using the headline. Feel free to help…Norman and Ellen deserve it.

* I’ll be updating this regularly, but I’m amazed at how fast Google indexed this and another post on the Media Needle site. Within two hours, this post claimed the number 2 spot on Google search and Media Needle claimed number 5.

I’m also interested to know of any great case studies in online reputation damage control. Please leave any links in the comments section.


  1. Suzanne Browning says:

    I will do whatever it takes to help these two fine people. I have shared this on Facebook. When you say re-post this I am unclear on how to proceed. Please instruct and I will do it. I do not Tweet.

    • Erick says:

      Hi Suzanne. I added an explanation of what I mean by re-post. Basically, I mean creating another blog post…if you have a blog…or know someone who does. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I have known Norman Powell and Ellen Levine for two years now.They are decent, hard-working and caring people. Unfortunately, Ellen tried to help an individual out that preyed on the kindness of her heart. It is very sad to me that when innocent people have their reputations attacked (especially via social net-works) it also tends to cost them financially through lawyers just to save face.
    They have a wonderful relationship with each-other and all their friends.They have always been very well-respected by their professional peers as well. I believe that there is enough of us out here that can curb the trash talk directed at them that was originally instigated by ONE individual and put an end to these cruel accusations. I care about these people and DO NOT like seeing Ellen hurt by this night-mare. Let decency prevail!

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