Social Media Basics

It’s ironic that so many social media experts, agencies, etc., have a tough time keeping up with their own social media efforts. It’s like a doctor who smokes. Does the fact that he doesn’t practice what he preaches mean he’s not a good doctor? Obviously not…thus…I am exonerated from my responsibility for keeping up this blog more regularly! That said, I thought this would be useful to share. I’m often trying to frame a big picture social media approach for clients/partners. Here are some recent notes I shared with a creative agency while helping them see things “big picture.”

Social media activities can be grouped in the following buckets:

Research: Understanding the online landscape. Who are the influential voices?; Where are the conversations happening?; What is the sentiment of these conversations? From the research, we build a strategy.

Content: What kind of content do we have available? Is it interactive? What kind of incentives are there for people to engage? Is it funny, informative, entertaining, etc., or are we just trying to use social media as a ‘Bigger Better Bullhorn?’

Outreach is akin to personalized public relations focused on influencers, tastemakers, active community participants and fans.

Engagement is focused on continuously bringing value to existing communities and conversations. It is about participating. Good engagement is fueled by the question: ‘What is a brand talking about when it’s not talking about itself?’

Paid Social: This is a hybrid area between social/earned and paid media. It includes, for example, guaranteed YouTube views, paid blogger ‘advertorials,’ paying Twitter Influencers, etc. There are creative ways to leverage trusted voices and large communities to add fuel to social media/earned efforts.

Measurement/Reporting: Refining the process. Finding what’s working and what’s not.

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