How much is a Facebook Fan worth?

The ROI of social media…ahhh…the question…The right brain wishes it would go away. “Don’t you just get it? It’s all about relationships!!!” The left brain demands a clear business case and explanation through the lens for ROI. Although the questions surround social media in general, the question about the value of a Facebook fan has come up quite a bit recently. Although it’s partly because we’ve been offering guaranteed Facebook Fans for a guaranteed price, it’s a question that more and more people ask as Facebook continues on in its quest for world domination.

Regarding the Facebook fan question, eMarkter published an interesting article demonstrating that “research suggests many are moving on from the search for a hard number.” 

With one of our clients, we’ve been demonstrating the increased traffic to and conversions on their site from Facebook and Twitter, but the numbers don’t make a strong enough case for the investment. Thankfully, they understand that there are other values to add to the mix.

Here’s a quote from the article: “The business question always comes up, but nobody can figure this out,” Maria Yap, director of product management at Abobe, told eMarketer about proving ROI for the company’s Facebook page. “For me, it’s about the value to the customer. I understand why companies want to focus on the business goals, but I put that aside. Let’s experiment. Let’s see what being here brings.”

What an enlightened, right brain friendly perspective!


  1. amandaE says:

    ROI means return on investment. good to know!! I had to look it up. so does this mean it is quality, not the quantity of followers?

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