2010 Web, Marketing & Social Reads

My brother asked me, “what are the 3 best things you’ve read about digital culture or the internet recently?”

Hmmm. Here’s what came to mind:

Mark Suster on, “The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery.” Mark seems to live and breath new media and technology. He’s an accomplished, “rock star” VC who provides extremely insightful and in-depth exploration on a variety of subjects. With his self-proclaimed ADD, he goes wide, but also goes deep. In the Twitter, article, it’s definitely worth looking at his ‘Twitter’s Use Cases‘ piece on his ‘Both Sides of the Table’ blog.

Two other longer articles stuck with me from the fall…one from Fast Company and the other from Wired Magazine.

From Fast Company senior writer Ellen McGirt, ‘I Want My Twitter TV!’ showed how Twitter could drive the evolution of interactive TV while monetizing its huge user base.

Although there was probably a ton of debate about the bold cover story, ‘The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet,’ Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff’s dueling dialog about the web world and the app world gave very interesting look at the online landscape from on high.

Finally, if you aren’t familiar with the work of John Hagel and John Seely Brown, most recently ‘Edge Perspectives,’ you should step into their mental dinner party for some stimulating ideas and conversation. Hagel wrote an interesting review of the reviewers of the movie ‘The Social Network.’ In “Reviewing ‘The Social Network’ – Constructing Grand Narrative,” he shows that the ‘old media’ masters are still driving the narrative.

And really, finally, I suggested to my brother to check out my Twitter stream where I post links to interesting stuff…

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