Awards, Trophies, Recognition…

I spent half of the summer of 1978 at Camp Kweebec, in the famous town of Shwenksville, Pennsylvania. In addition to bug juice, songs about underwear and the camp director being struck by lightning, the camp was a typical east coast camp. For some reason, I feel like they should have been known for their street hockey rinks. I remember being in awe of the counselors games…full body checks, slapshots with a hard rubber ball…manly and rough.

The camp had a Decathalon for different ages and the events ranged from swimming to hockey shots. I was in and felt like I did pretty well…During the awards ceremony, they did a countdown of the top 10 finishers. As they got halfway through the list, I remember feeling disappointed that I hadn’t made the top 10. When they announced my name as the winner, the memory of shock and joy is still vivid. The award (and trophy) was probably the roots of my current aspiration to be an “Expert at Nothing.”

I was recently sharing office space with an ad agency that dozens and dozens of trophies. They were stuffed in closets, in trophy cases, on top of the shelves in the kitchen…it was kind of absurd. Adding to the absurdity was the fact they had recently been acquired at a fire-sale price. I suppose it’s typical in the ad agency world to present and win lots of trophies. I’m sure there’s all kinds of good business rationale for all sides involved.

Whatever the value of the awards, it’s still feels great to win…and even to be involved in part of a winning process. We were acknowledged twice in the last week for helping others either win outright or win their way into the running (as a finalist). Pretty cool.

First, Media Needle, (our partner agency), was acknowledged for helping Initiative win the SAMMY 2010 Best Social Content / Entertainment Award for the Hyundai Tucson campaign.

Second, Inner-City Arts, our non-profit partner during Social Media Week, was nominated for the 2nd annual Classy Awards, which in the world of non-profits has been deemed the Academy Awards of Philanthropy. They were put in the running for Most Innovative Use of Social Media for the Twelethon we created.

So…we didn’t win anything ourselves, but we were behind the scenes, helping and knowing that it feels good to take him a trophy. Congratulations to our colleagues and friends.

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