Social Media Week Los Angeles…A First Look Back

The New Agency is grateful to have been given the opportunity to produce Social Media Week Los Angeles. After a week full of over 70 events, we’re getting so much positive feedback that all of the hard work seems less…hard. Given what was accomplished in about two months with no budget, we’re excited about what we can all create in the future. We are well aware that the week was a collective effort and we are extremely appreciative of everyone’s contributions.

We’re still trying to understand how the week came together so well and so quickly. It raises a lot of interesting questions. Was it the “power of the platform?” Did the decentralized structure of the conference inspire people to make the effort to organize and produce dozens of events…or was it the narrative/story? Was it a pre-existing community (or several) that came together to take collective action? Either way, where is that community now? As we look back and explore what happened, the following post provides some overview.

For the uninitiated, here’s the ‘unofficial’ description of Social Media Week LA:

“Social Media Week is a multi-city global conference connecting people, content and conversations around emerging trends in social and mobile media. With over 70 events hosted at locations all over the city, the LA conference attracted CEO’s, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers, brand managers, CMO’s, social media strategists, artists, activists and the technology/media digerati. The depth, breadth and quality of events across a wide range of topics, industries and causes has generated tremendous positive feedback. In addition, all of the events were tied together with the Twelethon, a creative fundraising platform in support of Inner-City Arts.”

From Sir Ken Robinson and Dave Stewart kicking off the opening party, to the quality of local and global sponsors, to the depth and breadth of the full schedule, the description above hardly captures what happened during the week.

Although there were several events prior to the opening party, our evening at Inner-City Arts really set the stage. Although we’ll soon have video of Sir Ken’s inspiring talk, here’s video of Dave Stewart’s improv jam session. (Although I knew Dave and The Eurythmics sold a lot of albums…didn’t realize it was over 100 million!)

Our sponsors and partners are an impressive bunch. Globally, they ranged from Meebo to The Financial Times, Wired, Fast Company & Mashable. Locally, Thinkwell, LivePerson, iCrossing, LA Weekly, The LA Business Journal, KCET, Simian, A Common Thread, Causecast, TwtMob, MomentFeed, GameChangers, KooDooZ…and others provided great support.

Although there were a few last minute additions to the schedule (the full list), the LA Weekly full page ad inserted below gives a great visual overview of the depth and breadth of the events.

Here’s the full page ad showing the schedule. (Click on the images to enlarge)

LA Weekly was our Headline Media Sponsor and ran full page ads for weeks. Here’s one of a series of “evolving” ads…

If you want to get a sense of the tremendous buzz that went on all week, here’s a link to the #SMWLA twitter search. We could barely keep up with the volume of tweets. Amazing how much conversation the week inspired. Also note, the number of tweets (link to search) mentioning our non-profit partner, Inner-City Arts and the Twelethon.

Finally, thanks again to everyone who participated.

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  1. Julie Spira says:

    Congratulations on creating such an amazing and diverse week for social media enthusiasts to participate in. It was an honor and privilege to host the Date and Skate Night Party. I’ve created a short video for those who missed the event which can be viewed on youtube at Congratulations to Erick and his team.

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