Man (my cousin) lands job with $6 Google campaign

I am happy to do my part to promote and memorialize the celebrity my cousin is enjoying with his simple, yet brilliant, ploy to get a job with one of NYC’s top creative agency. If you haven’t heard how he did it, its elegance is so….Brownstein. The basic story has been well documented by all of the most serious press. CNN, CBS and many others. He is the “Google guy,” (although we’re all trying to re-orient the branding towards something a bit broader; something like the creative innovator recognizing how Google has permeated our lives and culture). Alec took advantage of the egos driving the creative directors of several prominent agencies by buying ads on Google listing the name of advertising execs he wanted to work with and then linked those ads to his resume in order to find work.

Here’s the video he shot explaining his experiment:

I was thinking that I should try to usurp some of the attention by taking out a Google adword with his name, but his former writing partner and purported friend beat me to it. I would have copied Alec and, still may, but I’m loathe to copy someone who copied Alec.

Because I’m sure Alec has Google Alerts set to his name, it’s important that I use this opportunity to write, “Alec Brownstein” explicitly.  In addition, this Google ad thing is a devious ploy to use a celebrity platform to try to convince the world that our last name is pronounced Brown-stine, when in fact, it’s pronounced Brown-steen, (just ask our Grandmother).

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